With AOWR, what you see is what you get. We are the waste and recycling experts. We understand and value our customers; let us prove it to you. We are here to offer a service that has multiple points of value. In conjunction with our service we will reduce your overall expense 15% - 30%. AOWR will do all of the work, and you reap the rewards. Your time dedication to the program’s launch is complete, upon sending the initial waste invoices for AOWR to audit.

We work harder and smarter than other brokers and consultants. Our references will confirm this. Our immediate response to all requests, full open book policy and having no limitations on the service we provide, only proves this claim. Partnerships and relationships are long term, our work ethic and approach to doing business will only further prove this. Best of all, our proven approach saves you money! AOWR works every day for you, minimizing costs while providing operational and accounting support. We will start with a short term agreement or pilot program to PROVE our value and demonstrate the service we provide. All agreements are cancelable without penalty, with cause. Let us provide a free audit and generate a proposal for you, you have nothing to lose.

References furnished upon request.