AOWR is flexible and experienced; we offer multiple saving, billing and reporting platforms. We are a 24/7 company, that understands the value of our customers time. Our scope of service has no boundary, if you want it done, we can do it. AOWR has a 3 tiered approach to a Proper Management Service: 1) Audit, 2) Consult, and 3) Implement and Maintain.

Average customer savings are 15% - 30%. These are contractually guaranteed. You will never receive a price increase from AOWR. Audit:

AOWR will review your current waste invoices and “scrub” through them to determine the below listed items. Most businesses lack the ability, time and resources to do this effectively themselves. Our audit examines:

  • Current service level
  • Current permanent and temporary costs
  • Current vendor
  • Current municipal or utility billed locations

Once the audit is complete, a comprehensive audit report is forwarded. There is no fee or commitment required for the audit. This captures an accurate and recent snapshot of your waste portfolio. Consultation Post Audit - AOWR will consult those areas with room for cost or operational improvement. This may include cost management, right size & stream, tracking, recycling rebates, invoice review, weight maximization and tonnage review, formulas, conversions, bid, contract determinations, surveys, metrics, cancellation and agreement buy-outs, price lock, required manifest/documentation and equipment maintenance. Or any other desired area. Managed Account: Post Audit and Consultation - Operational report is sent to the customer for approval (final game plan). We implement all service and hauler changes. Format customized consolidated bill and/or statement. Dedicated account manager and 24/7 customer service is provided along with Purchase Order and continuing cost control. AOWR’s prices are locked for the duration of term. Bid and assist with new location openings, relocations and closing are offered. Temporary service needs, service increase/decrease and equipment maintenance and repair are available. Rebate maximization and implementation, plus tracking are put in place. Annual site surveys are completed, summarized and digitally housed. As our customer, you reduce man-hours dedicated to waste management, while reducing both hard and soft costs.