How is it Done?

Our process generally follows these steps:

  1. Invoices are sent to AOWR to audit
  2. Audit completed and audit report generated
  3. AOWR consultation made, recommending certain practices be implemented
  4. Savings percentage is guaranteed
  5. Agreement is signed
  6. AOWR surveys each location (can also be completed prior to step 4)
  7. Bid is formatted
  8. Savings are generated via bid, negotiations, optimization and right streaming (we solicit bids from our network of over 8,000 waste and recycling vendors)
  9. Current hauler agreements are documented and renewal clauses closed (at required time via certified mail from AOWR)
  10. Rates are locked
  11. Consolidated bill/statement is formatted
  12. Account is launched, all changes are coordinated
  13. Confirmation that all changes are in place, and confirmed okay with established contact
  14. Assure proper vendor invoicing to AOWR
  15. Provide customer service and account management
  16. Accounts payable, invoice reconciliation and purchase order control
  17. Tonnage reviews & recommendations
  18. Back up bids for future expiring agreements
  19. Required compliance maintained, manifests filed if applicable
  20. Real time auditing for payable verification

This is a general timeline of the program. It is at no cost to you. AOWR will save you both time and money, guaranteed. Our valued service and reduced rates are offered to you for allowing us the privilege to manage your waste portfolio.