About Us

AOWR does not own trucks, transfer stations or landfills. We are strictly a management firm. We are only aligned with you, and only provide a service for you. We are not required to meet a tonnage threshold at a landfill or transfer station, nor or we required to fill a route or feed a hauling division. With this being said, local waste haulers are an essential part of the service we provide. We venture into sub-contractor agreements with them, where they sign off on our agreement, and provide the service on our terms, at our rate. To guarantee the most professional service, we pay all vendors in a timely fashion, and understand, appreciate and respect the hard work they do. We are not competing against each locations current hauler.

“Sustaining our shared environment together.” We understand recycling is great in principal, but when it increases cost, or effects your business operation, it no longer seems so great. AOWR understands this. We will increase your landfill diversion, while reducing your costs, and making the transition a seamless one. We do all the work, you see all the benefits! Today, there are more markets for recycled materials than ever, and we know how to take advantage of them.

AOWR will analyze your waste stream to determine what can be recycled. Some examples are:

  • Basic – Cardboard, paper, metal, bottles, cans & wood
  • Secure On-Site Paper Shredding, with certificate of destruction
  • Complex – Foam, plastic, banding, specialty metal and wiring
  • Food Waste – Composting, organics & cooking oil
  • Radiology film purging
  • Waste oil and filters
  • AOWR will assist with recycling equipment
  • AOWR will track rebates to ensure timely and proper payments
  • AOWR will report on the diverted waste from our landfills and the recycled totals

Our bid process, experience and hauler relationships will generate a substantial reduction in your unrecyclable, landfilled or general trash fees. You can one stop shop all your waste related services with AOWR. We will organize what is in place, make recommendations for cost and process improvement, all while reducing your expense by 15% or greater. Our savings are contractually guaranteed, and always given in writing.