Welcome to AOWR

American Outsourced Waste and Recycling (AOWR) will manage all of your company’s waste, recycling & associated equipment needs. We will help your business save money while assisting to improve our environment. Our goal is to right size and stream your waste portfolio, increase your landfill diversion, and reduce your overall expense. This is a no cost service to YOU!

American Outsourced Waste & Recycling (AOWR) is a Connecticut-based business with a national network of vendors (over 8,000) and customers throughout the United States and Canada. AOWR was founded in 2011, with the simple desire to perform an outsourced service in the waste field. AOWR becomes your waste department.

AOWR works for ONLY you, the customer. AOWR does not have to fulfill tonnage or routing quotas in any particular service area. We do not feed our transfer stations or material recovery facilities. This means the best hauling option, at the best price, is always hired, for your benefit. We establish sub-contractor agreements on a case by case basis; you achieve your service needs.

As your third party manager for waste & recycling services. We:

  • Audit your current portfolio and report on service, price & contractual status
  • Create a comprehensive proposal specific to your needs, including guaranteed savings
  • Take care of all the waste management brokering, including formal bids and contract negotiations
  • Implement all required changes, provide account management and consolidated billing or statements
  • Assist with temporary and new location needs
  • Offer multiple checks and balances to ensure our partners are 100% comfortable with our service, price and process

24/7 Customer service, reporting, and a dedicated account manager are provided.

AOWR’s target customer is anyone with a waste portfolio, who has a desire for cost reduction, organization and increased recycling.

Our deep experience in the field and commitment to the environment means we can offer multiple solutions to common customer challenges, while employing sustainable methods of waste removal.

Average customer savings are 15% - 30%.